What is Gym Management Software?

By: Ali Adcock

Gym management software is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for fitness centers to optimize gym management by relieving administrative tasks and increasing member engagement. Features you should look for in gym software include member and employee management, member check-in, electronic agreements and financial reporting. Benefits range from organization of member records, such as agreements and personal information, to a simple reporting dashboard that will increase revenue. Below we have outlined the four key components of gym management software which include employee management, member management, sales tools and financial management.

Employee Management

Investing in gym management software can help gym owners better manage their employees. Through tools like scheduling, commissions, and satisfaction surveys, owners can dive deep into their employee’s availability, timesheets, security levels and scheduled events. Also, don’t underestimate the value of employee satisfaction surveys. Receiving feedback from employees plays a necessary role in improving attitude, motivation, and performance. Also, this will translate to how well you retain members. Happy employees often translates to happy members.

Member Management

Allowing members to access their account information online to set fitness goals, schedule personal training sessions, and book group exercise classes creates an encouraging environment to engage and set long-term goals. By partnering with a mobile app vendor, gym owners have the ability to send custom push notifications through a mobile app, such as reminders to visit the gym. By having access to their account information online, gym members can sign up for recurring payments, which encourages them to get the most out of their membership. Though this online access, members can also track their payments and receive alerts if they are past due.

Having this data available to you as a gym owner will provide valuable insight to the behaviors of your members. Through hundreds of reports, you can view how often members visit your facility, which group classes they attend and the most popular times at your facility. Tracking this information digitally through gym management software eliminates paper records making your life simpler and more efficient. Plus, you get to help the environment too.

Sales Management

Gym management software allows you to create effective sales and marketing strategies with the data provided through detailed reports. Surveying members and guests is a great way to collect useful data to use in your sales and marketing plan. Use data from these surveys for advertising, branding and giveaways. Email marketing is another great tool to use to keep your members engaged, as higher member engagement can lead to extra upselling opportunities.

Increased revenue is the ultimate goal for any gym owner, and using gym management software as a sales tool will lead to this. As members have the ability to sign up for automated payments, you’ll see a more consistent revenue flow while creating a more enjoyable user experience. Positive member experiences keep them coming back, giving your gym the powerful marketing tool of word-of-mouth. Encouraging your current members to share their great experiences via social media is a great way to increase member growth. Gym management software allows you to send marketing emails to your current members encouraging them to share these positive experiences.

Financial Management

One of the most important features you should utilize in your gym management software is your financial reports. Use these reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to reach your financial goals. Generating these profit and loss reports will grant you greater insight to how your gym makes money .

Through real-time data, gym management software gives access to reports on member churn, delinquency, deposits and more. This data allows you to make informed decisions on what direction you need to take for your gym.

Finding the right software for your gym will give you peace of mind knowing that all your data is housed in one central location. Gone are the days of notebooks, sticky notes, and paper agreements lost on desks and in filing cabinets. Now you and your team members can access data quickly and easily on any device.

Gym management software is fundamental for gym owners to run a successful business in 2018. Do your research to learn and understand which gym management software is right for you. Want to take a look at what ABC’s gym management software can do for your gym? ABC Financial is the leading software and payment processing provider in the industry. Schedule time with our team to see a demo here.