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Podcast Episode: Frank Nash – Advice from the Social Media Guru of Fitness

Frank Nash is the owner of Stronger Personal Training and co-Founder of the Secret Trainer Society. He is an international speaker, consults and works with gyms all over the globe, and is also a best-selling author. He always brings a fresh and authentic perspective to the fitness industry, and is[…]

Frictionless Experiences. What They Are And How They Will Impact The Fitness Industry

In my early days working in the fitness business we sold memberships for people to workout at the gym, personal training services for our clients, and some miscellaneous items like drinks and apparel. Back then digital commerce did not exist, people did not have mobile smartphones, and their[…]

92% Of Your Members Would Quit If You Let Them Down Three Times Or Less. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Yes it is true : according to a 2017 survey of 1,000 customers conducted by Gladly, 92% of people would stop doing business with a business if their expectations were unmet three times or less. As our CEO Paul Schaller mentioned in his article, A Simple Secrete To Business Success : Give Members[…]

Our History Is Built On Helping Fitness Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams

ABC Financial Services was founded to help fitness entrepreneurs realize their dreams. The roots of our company come from one martial arts studio launched in 1974 which our founder developed into a chain of 13 fitness centers. As an entrepreneur, he created ABC Financial Services in 1981 as a[…]

Podcast Episode: Thomas Plummer – The Business of Fitness Guru

Thomas Plummer is the Founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance, an industry thought leader, author of ten books, speaker and ultimate fitness business guru. He has been in the industry for over 40 years, and shares his wealth of information and experience in the business of fitness with[…]

Why Team Work Matters

CREATING A GREAT TEAM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER BEFORE Maybe you watched some NFL playoff football these past few weekends. I have always loved watching great teams excel in sports and the lessons learned at a young age about teamwork by playing sports can really make a positive impact on people[…]

6 Reasons Why Your Gym, Health Club, Or Fitness Training Business Should Make The Switch To ABC Financial Services

Changing vendors can seem hard when it comes to a gym, health club, or any fitness training business. There is a lot to consider when evaluating software, technology, and payment processing service options. With so much going on in a fitness business day in and day out and with technology[…]

Fitness Business Competitiveness Will Increasingly Lie In The Intersection Of Understanding Customers, Using Data And Creating Great Experiences

Happy 2019 fitness colleagues and friends. I am sure you are geared up for a big January this year and wish you the best in executing your 2019 strategies. Since this is the new year you might have been wondering, as you prepared for 2019 and with 2020 only 12 months away, how you can become more[…]

Four Lessons Health Club, Gym, And Fitness Businesses Can Learn From Starbucks To Win Over The Modern Fitness Customer

Sometimes the best lessons I’ve learned about business come from seeing how others face growth, opportunities, failures, and challenges. Enter the mega consumer coffee brand Starbucks. Last year Starbucks surpassed McDonald’s in terms of U.S. location count, at more than 14,000. Since 2013,[…]

Podcast Episode: JJ Creegan – A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

JJ Creegan is the Chief Operating Officer of YouFit, and was recently named as one of the IHRSA 2019 Rising Stars. He is one of the most innovative purpose-to-profit thinkers in the fitness industry, someone who has mastered scaling operations, and has grown with the industry from a teenager with a[…]

How To Choose The Right Fitness Technology Partner For Your Health Club, Gym, Or Fitness Facility

In the world of fitness, health clubs, and gyms today technology is constantly and rapidly evolving. Technology and the systems aspect of any fitness business are more important to success than ever. How you bill, leverage member data, and interface your platforms with apps among other requirements[…]

Podcast Episode: Rick Mayo – A Focus on Personal Training

Rick Mayo is the Founder of Alloy Personal Training Systems, which was started in 1992, and was the first ever fitness center dedicated to personal training in his area. He is one of the greatest presenters and tactile deliverers of personal training and team training systems that the fitness[…]