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Podcast Episode: Dave Dos Santos — Creating the Best Fitness Experience

Dave Dos Santos is the CEO of Best Fitness and BFitt60, and is commonly known as the specialist in the fitness experience. He started off as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym back in 2001, before starting his own big box fitness center focused on customer experience. In recent years, he has branched[...]

3 Health Club Industry Trends To Guide Your Fitness Business Strategy

Here’s the good news for owners and operators of gyms, health clubs, and fitness businesses in general, according to IHRSA the global number of health club members increased 33.60% from 2008 - 2017, with the health club industry, in general, comprising $87.2 Billion in revenue in 2017. You can[...]

Consumer Survey Delivers Important Insights For Today’s Gym Operators To Be Successful

Each year IHRSA, the global association representing the gym and health club industry, publishes a wide range of valuable research and their 2018 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report is no exception. This annual publication provides member data, consumer trends, and insights for gym and health club[...]

The Fifth Digital Era Of Wellbeing Will Create Huge Market Opportunities. Will You Be Ready?

As you might have noticed, I’ve been writing a lot about the fitness industry and the broader marketplace of wellness, wellbeing, or as others have called it, betterment. My focus has been on a number of subjects including the increasing relevance of data, the importance of personalized member[...]

Why Our Mission At ABC Financial Is To Create Raving Fans

We’ve got a customer service problem today not just in health clubs, gyms, and fitness studios; it exists across all industries and businesses. Don’t believe me? According to a 2010 study in the Journal Of Cost Management, one-third of complaining customers must make two or more calls to resolve a[...]

ABC Financial Names Rachana Jain as Chief People Officer

LITTLE ROCK, AR., (May 6, 2019) – ABC Financial Services, LLC (ABC Financial), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced the appointment of Rachana Jain as Chief People Officer.

5 Technology Adoption Practices for Your Health Club

Technology evolves quickly and as a business owner, it's not always easy to determine what to do about it. In fact, adopting technology in any business could be a make or break decision. Last year an AT&T survey revealed that 75 percent of small business owners were eager to embrace new technology,[...]

Four Secrets To Forming Great Partnerships

There’s one skill I never learned in school or from a book, yet I have found it to be the most valuable trait of any successful business today. In fact, back in school, they might have considered it “breaking the rules” but in real life, it’s about understanding how to work well with others.

Podcast Episode: Frank Nash – Advice from the Social Media Guru of Fitness

Frank Nash is the owner of Stronger Personal Training and co-Founder of the Secret Trainer Society. He is an international speaker, consults and works with gyms all over the globe, and is also a best-selling author. He always brings a fresh and authentic perspective to the fitness industry, and is[...]

Frictionless Experiences. What They Are And How They Will Impact The Fitness Industry

In my early days working in the fitness business we sold memberships for people to workout at the gym, personal training services for our clients, and some miscellaneous items like drinks and apparel. Back then digital commerce did not exist, people did not have mobile smartphones, and their[...]

92% Of Your Members Would Quit If You Let Them Down Three Times Or Less. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Yes it is true : according to a 2017 survey of 1,000 customers conducted by Gladly, 92% of people would stop doing business with a business if their expectations were unmet three times or less. As our CEO Paul Schaller mentioned in his article, A Simple Secrete To Business Success : Give Members[...]

Our History Is Built On Helping Fitness Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams

ABC Financial Services was founded to help fitness entrepreneurs realize their dreams. The roots of our company come from one martial arts studio launched in 1974 which our founder developed into a chain of 13 fitness centers. As an entrepreneur, he created ABC Financial Services in 1981 as a[...]