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As 2019 Approached Everything Old is New Again

Before I get started on this subject, the ABC Financial family and I extend our very best wishes for your holidays and for the new year of 2019 ahead. May 2019 be full of health, happiness and your best year ever.

In the Battle For Members, These 5 Keys Can Help You With Your Biggest Business Opportunity; Earning Trust.

 It was great to see so many of you in San Diego this week at the #IHRSA2019 show. Thanks to all who attended our ABC Financial event and visited us at the booth. In addition to the joy of reconnecting and seeing so many gym, fitness, and health club friends and professionals, a big takeaway I had[…]

Podcast Episode: Paul Schaller – Insights from the CEO of ABC Financial Services

  Paul Schaller is the CEO of ABC Financial Services, which he has been a part of for the past 27 years. He is one of the greatest visionaries and connectors in the industry who helped pioneer health club payment processing and club management software for decades. His success comes from[…]

Why Humanology - Not Technology Alone - Will Become Increasingly Important In The Fitness Business

Perhaps you’ve heard the news about Facebook. A recent June 2018 Pew Research Center survey found that 42 percent of Facebook users have stepped back from daily activity and engagement. This stands in sharp contrast to a March 2018 Pew survey which showed 74 percent of users visited their Facebook[…]

Podcast Episode: Jeff Skeen – Integrating the Medical and Fitness Industries

  Jeff Skeen is the CEO Reshape MD, Reshape Labs and Results Redefined. He is a longtime fitness industry innovator and visionary. Jeff has many years of experience running health and fitness chains, including Gold’s Gym International and Fitness Connection, but has recently started a move into the[…]

Podcast Episode: Bryan O’Rourke – Understanding the Fitness Consumer of Tomorrow

    Bryan O'Rourke is the President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council, fitness industry thought leader, keynote presenter, investor, and club owner. He has a talent for anticipating trends in the industry technology space, and joins Kelly Card on this episode to share his insights. The[…]

ABC Financial and Jim Thomas Consulting Announce Vendor Relationship

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (Feb. 12, 2019) — ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced their preferred partnership with Jim Thomas, the founder and president of Fitness Management USA, Inc., a management consulting, turnaround[…]

ABC Financial Names Bill Davis as President

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (Feb. 13, 2019) — ABC Financial Services, LLC (ABC Financial), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced the appointment of Bill Davis as President.

Everything Old is New Again

I’ve always thought one could discover wisdom in the world of business from music; I like to listen to a few tunes after all as some of you know. Australian songwriter Peter Allen and his writing partner, Carole Bayer wrote a favorite song of mine from the seventies which was featured in the movie[…]

Gym Sales Training for a Non-Salesperson

Unless you’re a YouTube star opening your own gym after collecting thousands of fans, you’re going to need to sell memberships, training, and apparel at your gym to become profitable. Sales, however, can be a daunting prospect to the uninitiated. There are a few reasons gym owners struggle to sell.[…]

Five Tips for Improving Email Effectiveness - Muscle Up

Email is a low cost, easy to use, and highly personalized form of marketing communication, and if it isn’t already an essential piece of your club’s marketing mix, it should be. In fact, according to research, most people (72% to be exact), prefer to be contacted by companies through email. BUT,[…]

Why Reliability is Important for Gym Leaders

When we think of someone who is reliable, we think: we can count on them for anything. We know if they say they’re going to complete a task by the end of the day, they will. We know if they say they’ll be at the gym by 6:00am in the morning, they will. We call them reliable because, based on past[…]