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How to Revamp Your Health Club Billing & Collections

Managing a thriving gym is hard work. From attracting members and directing employees to securely maintaining your members’ data, gym owners have a lot on their plate. Delinquent payments don’t make things any easier, but there are steps you can take to revamp your health club billing and[…]

How Gym Membership Software Leads to Happy Employees

Employee satisfaction can make or break your gym. While equipment and overhead are essential to every fitness club, your employees are the first and last thing members will see. Ultimately, your employees are the defining factor in whether members have a positive or negative experience at your gym. 

ABC Financial and Epsilon Announce Vendor Relationship

LITTLE ROCK, AR., (Aug 14, 2018) – ABC Financial (ABC), the leading software and payment processing provider to the health and fitness industry, announced their preferred partnership with Epsilon, the leading marketing company to the health and fitness industry.

ABC Financial and Textmunication to Launch RCS in 2019

ABC Financial and its preferred mobile texting partner, Textmunication, are working together to develop and introduce Rich Communication Services (RCS) to the health and fitness market in early 2019. RCS is seen as a successor to SMS and supports rich media content, hot buttons, video and other[…]

What is the Cost of Owning a Gym?

There are several key criteria to consider when calculating the cost of owning a gym. If you know all of the included costs ahead of time, you will be able to plan accordingly in order to maximize your profits.

Tips for Opening A Gym in New Locations

Are you thinking of opening a gym in a new location but don’t know where to start—or if you are even ready for it? Growing your business involves a lot of new challenges, from employee management to sales strategy. But do not let these growing pains deter you from expanding! Follow these tips to[…]

What Gym Owners Should Know About Gym Payment Processing & Security

Many gym owners struggle with payment processing issues that cut into their profits, hurt client relationships, and expose the gym to security risks. Building trust and retaining business through secure payment processing services should be a top priority for any gym. Fortunately, payment[…]

How to Increase Gym Membership Sales by Analyzing Current Member Data

Knowing your client base is the key to any successful business, especially in the health and fitness industry. As a gym owner, it can be difficult to keep track of your clients since data can sometimes be unorganized and cluttered. However, being able to analyze your members’ data can enable your[…]

ABC Financial Named Best Place to Work Four Years in a Row

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., (July 16, 2018) – ABC Financial Services, (ABC) the leading provider of software and payment processing in the Health and Fitness Industry, was recently named as one of the Best Places to Work in Arkansas. This sixth annual program, created by Arkansas Business and Best Companies[…]

5 Methods to Market Your Health Club Regionally with Gym Software

Developing a marketing strategy for your health club is a daunting task, but it is necessary for acquiring new customers. However, this challenge can be significantly reduced by utilizing a regional marketing strategy and leveraging the capabilities of your gym software to attract new customers.[…]

Tedious Gym Management Tasks that Can Be Automated

There is no longer the time nor the place for tedious, manual tasks involved in managing your gym; automation is taking its place. Time is too valuable to waste, and with the industry growing at 3% annually, integrating efficiency into your gym operations to keep up with competition is imperative[…]

Case Study: Multi-location Health Club Boosts Revenue After Implementing ABC Financial

It began when family members decided to open a health club over 25 years ago in the Northeast. Today, owners of that health club have 10 plus locations, and plan on adding more clubs in 2018 & 2019. They employ approximately 1,000 staff members who strive to ensure the more than 100,000 gym members[…]