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Podcast Episode: Colin Milner — Supporting the Active Aging Community

Colin Milner is the CEO of the International Council of Active Aging, and a leading authority on health and wellbeing for adults 49 years old and above. He has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the most innovative and influential minds around aging-related topics, and has many[...]

Create A Health Club Instagram Video Marketing (IGTV) Strategy

Instagram is exploding in popularity as a platform for your members and for health club marketers. Half of over 1 billion Instagram users are scrolling through their feeds every day. 80% of those users follow businesses. Here are some even more interesting stats which should help you strongly[...]

Positive Attitude is Key To Success In The Health Club Industry

The power of positive thinking, from Norman Vincent Peale and his book by the same name to Tony Robbins, among other business gurus and life philosophers, many have promoted the science and real-world experience supporting the benefits of a positive attitude as a secret to happiness and success in[...]

Why Member Experience And Health Club Personalization Matter

The days of thinking about your health club members as being one big group of customers and creating generic marketing campaigns and experiences for them are coming to an end. Mass marketing techniques are just not working like they used to and research shows your gym members are expecting more and[...]

Podcast Episode: Chris Rondeau — Bringing Fitness to Millions

Chris Rondeau is the CEO of Planet Fitness. As one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs and one of the most successful operators in the history of the fitness industry, he shares more about how he helped to pioneer the low-cost gym model by offering memberships at $10 a month, and catering to[...]

8 Keys To Profitable Health Club Operations

We recently shared the good news in this post for owners and operators of health clubs, according to IHRSA the global number of health club members increased 33.60% from 2008 - 2017, with the health club industry, in general, comprising $87.2 Billion in revenue in 2017. Learn more details by[...]

5 Strategies to Guide Operators in Health Club Industry Disruption

What Are The “New” Realities Disrupting The Fitness, Health Club, And Gym Industry? The fitness, health club, and gym industry will change more in the next decade than it has over the past 60 years. Driving these rapid changes are macro-trends that influence the way the world creates, distributes,[...]

Get an Attitude of Success to Win In The Health Club Industry

Maybe like you, I like to watch sporting events; especially the big ones like the World Series, the NFL playoffs, Superbowl, and the Final Four, among others. Often the theatrics of these events serves as great lessons for business; the competition is so intense and the stakes are so high. Winning[...]

5 Tips for a Successful Health Club Business Plan

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a big box, boutique, martial arts, or yoga studio, the challenges are all similar. Whether you've recently opened your gym or you’re a seasoned gym owner, now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your operation by reviewing the first half of the year and[...]

Podcast Episode: John Ford — A Digital Strength Training Routine for Beginners

John Ford is the CEO of eGym North America and was prior the CEO for Netpulse. eGym takes a modern approach to fitness by incorporating technology that can track and present compelling data to its users. By understanding the data and how each person improves week over week, it encourages them to[...]

The Most Important Things For Gym Owners To Know About Choosing Vendor Partners

Members and clients are the most essential component for success in any health club, gym, or fitness studio business. In today’s economy, however, vendor partners can play a crucial role as well. Choosing the right vendor partner for technology, billing, and collection services, among other aspects[...]

Podcast Episode: Dave Dos Santos — Creating the Best Fitness Experience

Dave Dos Santos is the CEO of Best Fitness and BFitt60, and is commonly known as the specialist in the fitness experience. He started off as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym back in 2001, before starting his own big box fitness center focused on customer experience. In recent years, he has branched[...]