Developing a Connection Between Trainer and Prospect

Developing a Connection Between Trainer and Prospect
By: Kevin Ross

Thanks to ABC Financial’s ongoing support, The Fitness Business Podcast this month interviewed best-selling author of 8 books and one of the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience and a sales acceleration specialist, Jeb Blount. 

Jeb recently released his latest book Sales EQ, and during the show he shared valuable advice for fitness professionals and sales people in our industry. 

Jeb spoke about the initial stages of developing a connection between trainer and prospect and said that you must begin the relationship with empathy, listening and with asking questions.  He calls it listening deeply. He describes this as learning how to listen using your eyes, your ears, your intuition and your heart.  If you are paying attention, listening deeply, you can then shape your questions around those emotional cues you are receiving from the prospect. 

Jeb says that great sales people and great fitness consultants do something called ‘dual process.’  This means at one moment, they are empathetic, they are standing in the shoes and in the heart of the person who walked through their door, while at the same time, they are outcome oriented and working towards a result.  This means being empathetic, understanding the reasons the prospect is there, but at the same time, having the emotional EQ and the control to help the prospect make the right decision.

Jeb went on to share three key steps to developing self awareness:

  1. You need to be a great marketer. Whatever it takes, you've got to be doing a lot of marketing. You have to keep your name in front of people.
  2. You must become great at converting people when they walk through the door. You need to pay attention to the emotional side of selling.  Because if people are coming through your door in fitness, it is because of the change in their life and as we know, fitness is an emotional sale. 
  3. You must keep the customers you have, ensure you are always building relationships with your members.  Jeb said the number one reason why gyms lose members is through neglect.  You're not paying attention to them. They're not hearing from you. They're not getting loved.  To keep your members., you've got stay in front of them and keep them engaged and keep them focused. 

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