Axiom Achieves Substantial Growth through Perkville Referrals

By: Zia Hasheem, Perkville

If you’re like most clubs, the thought of rolling out a new rewards program can be intimidating.  In 2013 Axiom Fitness was interested in implementing a rewards & referral solution for their chain of health clubs in Treasure Valley, Idaho. Their goals were simple – automate the process of tracking and rewarding new member referrals and differentiate in a crowded local health club market.

Now nearly two years on, the data is in and the proof of Axiom Rewards’ success is in the pudding.

Axiom Rewards Participation Rate        45%

% More Referrals Each Month               92%
Per Participant than Per

% More Check-Ins Each Month             44%
Per Participant than Per

Social Media by Participants                 548

Participants averaged                           29%
29% more new member
referrals per months than they
had during the three months prior
to joining Axiom Rewards.

“We’ve been very happy with the program,” JP Green, Axiom’s President said. “We’ve been able to generate a lot of new sales without significant new acquisition spending.”

Axiom Fitness has achieved great success in growing their business through the word-of-mouth advertising that comes with providing members with a great experience and top notch facilities. But even a health club as successful at generating referrals as Axiom can always do more to drive new member referrals. By implementing a rewards program, Axiom not only eliminated an administrative burden by automating its referral program, it also increased the rate at which its most loyal members were generating referrals.

Axiom chose Perkville to power its rewards program. Perkville is partnered and integrated with ABC Financial. You can learn more about Perkville here.

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