Leveraging Member Data to Drive Marketing Success

Do you ever wonder why your marketing tactics aren’t working? Or why you aren’t seeing growth in your numbers, even though your club is constantly pulling in new members? You aren’t alone – many clubs are having the same issue. The problem is that member data isn’t being utilized to its full[…]

What Are You Thankful For? At ABC Financial We Are Thankful For All Of You.

Well, it is that time of the year again, when friends and family sit down to their Thanksgiving meals across the country, and for some Americans living abroad, around the world. It is also the day when many health clubs remain open in the morning to serve their members on Thanksgiving day, and[…]

Why Health Club Brands Must Embrace Digital Transformation To Compete In The Decade Ahead

As the recent article, “2019 Is Turning Out To Be Quite A Year For The Health Club Industry,” attests, 2020 will herald the start of a new era for the health club industry. Some key drivers behind what occurred in 2019 for the health club industry, like continued growth and competition for health[…]

Podcast Episode: Dan Collins - Getting Back to Basics

Dan Collins is the Chief Operating Officer at Charter Fitness, a results-focused club brand with locations in and around Chicagoland. Join Kelly and Dan as they dive into Dan’s experience in Charter Fitness and the service industry. Learn what has driven Dan’s success, what helps his brand stand[…]

Why Measuring What Matters Can Help Health Clubs Achieve Better Results In 2020 And Beyond

Like any business, health clubs can experience challenges when it comes to how they operate and perform. Whether your fitness business is small, large, growing, or mature, there is always an opportunity to improve execution. While many obstacles can contribute to underperformance, in my experience,[…]

2019 News And Trends Serve As An Indicator For The Health Club Industry In The Years Ahead

2020 is only a few months away, and with it comes the start of a new era for the health club industry. Milestones, like a new decade, offer a chance to evaluate what has happened and what might be expected in the years to come, and news and trends for 2019 serve as a reliable indicator for the[…]

Why Being Human Will Be A Big Differentiator For Health Club Brands In The Next Decade

In the health club industry technology has been a source of innovation for decades. From new equipment ideas like the Stairmaster to billing members via EFT and more recently from mobile fitness applications to heart rate group training solutions; fitness and health club innovation has changed and[…]

Podcast Episode: Eddie Tock — A Focus on Learning

Eddie Tock is the CEO of REX Roundtables for Executives, a global organization focused on bringing together top level executives and leaders to share ideas and experiences to help move their businesses forward. He runs 12 different REX Roundtable groups across the US with over 150 club owners &[…]

4 Ways to Beat the Summer Slowdown

The dreaded summer season is upon us. Most fitness clubs expect it; owners, managers, and sales staff fear it. With the weather heating up, people want to take their workouts outside – so, they quit. Or, equally as frustrating, they come try your club and say they will join in the Fall. The whole[…]

Podcast Episode: Joel Tallman and Jeff Carlson — The 4Rs of Success

Joel Tallman is the President and CEO of MUV Brands LLC, and Jeff Carlson is the Managing Partner of MUV Fitness, Washington and Oregon. From three letters on a sticky-note to a multi-directional franchise that is growing by leaps and bounds, MUV has seen some major successes within the fitness[…]

We Can Learn A Lot About Becoming An Insight Driven Health Club Business From Great Football Coaches

Yes, it's football season again, and as I read our CEO Bill Davis's recent article about how health clubs need to be more driven by data insights, it made me think about what this requires not only in the health club and fitness industry but in football. There is a lot we can learn from great[…]

As 2020 Approaches Health Clubs Must Become More Driven By Insights From Data

Gaining actionable insights from data should be a priority for health club and gym operators to compete in the fitness industry today successfully. The importance of this has been amplified over the past few years as technologies continue to emerge and competition in all industries, including[…]

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